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ReMobilizing Youth Program

Summer 2022 Mobilizers

Winning Team!

Group 1: Meal Helper Heroes

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Christina Maida-Cook

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Problem Statement: A large percentage of the population is facing food insecurity and many people are not aware of the resources available for them from the community. They are unsure of how to approach due to a number of personal factors or accessibility issues.

Community Project: Increase awareness about resources already available for food insecurity in Calgary and provide support in accessing those resources through a website, social media and in person events.

Group 2: Cultivating Culinary Creativity

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Cloudy Sky



Problem Statement: UBC students are not adequately supported in attaining nutritious food, and there is not enough investment in food justice/food security initiatives.

Community Project: Weekly subsidized virtual cooking workshops for University of British Columbia students to destigmatize and reduce food insecurity, increase food literacy among students, reduce food waste and support existing food security initiatives.

Group 3: Responsible Banking Literacy

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Sigmund Ang

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Problem Statement: Big banks are financing the climate crisis and many people are not aware about responsible banking options. There is also a lack of financial literacy in the highschool curriculum.

Community Project: Sharing accessible resources about responsible banking literacy in Canada on a website and social media and having guest speakers teach youth about responsible banking literacy at high schools in Toronto and Montreal.

Group 4: Meal Masters

Mishika Khurana Picture.jpg

Mishika Khurana

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Problem Statement: The prices of food are continuing to increase creating bigger gaps and divides among various communities.

Community Project: A workshop series in collaboration with local farmers markets in Toronto to educate and empower people on how to better deal with the costs of inflated produce. Participants will learn about the reasons for inflated prices, how to identify seasonal crops and cooking skills. There will also be a friendly competition and take home cooking booklets.

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