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RE17 SDG Literature Review and Report

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What is the RE17 SDG Literature Review and Report?

The objective of this summary report is to investigate the use of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) using theories of anti-oppression and decolonization. This report will outline key readings, theories, and terms associated with decolonization borrowed from prominent academics such as Patrick Wolfe, Eve Tuck, K. Wayne Yang, and more.


Our Advocacy and Research Officer, Sarah Law (she/her), uses an active first-person voice as well as footnotes and hyperlinks throughout this report to guide you through these concepts in an accessible and (hopefully) engaging way. You will find reflection prompts at the end of this report to investigate how these terms and theories are or are not practiced in your life, thinking, work, research, and advocacy. You will also find recommended readings at the end of this report to read further.

Topics explored in the RE17 SDG Literature and Review Report

  • Criticisms of the SDGs

  • Sustainable Business and Innovation

  • Tourism and Development

  • Geography

  • Indigenous and Decolonial

  • Feminist Political Economy

  • The Politics of “(Un/Under) Developed” Nations

  • Colonialism vs Settler Colonialism

  • What is Decolonization, Indigenous Sovereignty, and the Role of Human Rights?

This report also include key terms and definitions on

  • Contingent Collaboration

  • Intersectional Feminism

  • Native Feminism

  • Settler Colonialism

Why read this report?

This report is for anyone who wants to engage in critical reflection and the continuous integration of knowledge. Whether it is to help inform your individual advocacy journey or organizational work (like us), this report can prompt you to reflect and question the systems we exist in to enlighten how the current solutions are impacting communities. 


As Sarah said it best, "Beyond this report, I hope that you come away with a better understanding, appreciation, and curiosity for how systems of oppression overlap - specifically by interrogating settler colonialism and capitalism" (ReImagine17 SDG Literature Review and Report, pg. 2).

This report was used internally to inform ReImagine17's direction and work relating to the SDGs. This report is adapted externally to encourage knowledge sharing to inform work with the SDGs and social change.

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