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What is the ReMobilizing Youth Program?

Looking to join a summer program filled with passionate youth who seek to create tangible changes within their communities? Take part in the first ever cohort of the ReMobilizing Youth Program! 

The ReMobilizing Youth Program calls upon youth across Canada who are critical and creative thinkers to create networks of social change. The program supports diverse, passionate youth with a national community of practice across Canada and equips them with the tools they need to advocate for sustainability and social justice within their communities.

The ReMobilizing Youth Program’s “Mobilizers” will attend weekly virtual workshops throughout July and early August 2022 which seek to reimagine current frameworks of sustainability and advocacy to reflect the values of the youth of today. Drawing upon the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the ReMobilizing Youth Program evaluates and critiques oppressive frameworks of development and guides youth to imagine alternatives and design innovative projects for their communities. 

What to Expect

By becoming a Mobilizer, you will be...

(1) Provided with a theoretical and practical foundation to develop projects within your community steered towards sustainability, social justice, and social innovation through a workshop series and conference that follows ReImagine17's 7-step ReMobilizing Framework. 


​(2) Connected to a broad and diverse network of community changemakers such as NPOs, mentors, and other student groups to support your project and pave pathways to funding. 


(3) Tasked with showcasing your learnings and pitching your project idea at ReImagine17's "Reimagining The Future" Conference to an audience of well-renowned judges, youth, and community stakeholders, who will help you bring your project to fruition!

All participants of the ReMobilizing Youth Program will be provided with a Letter of Recommendation upon completion of the program and an opportunity to be part of a long-term network of future advocates within the non-profit sector, in a virtual platform called the “Community of Practice”  developed for youth by youth. 

Interested? If you are...

  • Passionate about social justice, advocacy, and community engagement;

  • Interested in learning more about development, sustainability, and grassroots organizing;

  • A member of an underrepresented community or group looking for a safe space to collaborate with like-minded youth;

Join ReImagine17’s ReMobilizing Youth Program!

“ReImagine17 is a great initiative and a perfect platform to get involved if one is passionate about SDGs and wants to learn real world solutions to combating poverty, inequality, and human rights injustices. As a Mobilizer, during the summer 2022 workshops, I learned ways to enhance critical thinking, design thinking, and communication across cultures. Lavinia Auhoma and Jacqueline Neufeld are the best mentors. Each workshop was designed effectively to help us move one step closer to our goal which was setting up a social enterprise in our community. One program with ReImagine17 has ended but my journey with them has just begun.”

Javeria Rana, 2022 Mobilizer

The ReMobilizing Framework

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Relearn and reevaluate preconceived notions of the SDGs, sustainability, and development

Seek to understand diverse perspectives


Critically reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the SDG Framework

Use research findings to redefine roots of problems the SDGs aim to solve


Learn the theory and practice of radical imagination

Reimagine current frameworks of sustainability and advocacy


Reimagine systems of oppression


Redesign approaches to achieve the SDGs

Brainstorm innovative solutions to challenging problems


Brainstorm a project idea to implement in your community

 Reach Out 

Learn to share knowledge in an inclusive and accessible way

Create a logistical plan for outreach and engagement

Join RE17's Community of Practice to seek support and take action


Prepare a project pitch for the ReImagine17 Conference

Practice presenting the pitch

Revise pitch based on peer and Community of Practice feedback


Pitch innovative project idea at the ReImagine17 Conference

Present to a panel of judges and conference attendees

Inspire other youth to take action

Program Structure







Program Schedule

  • Thursday June 2nd: Applications Open


  • Friday June 17th: Applications Close

  • End of June: Program participants are finalized and will provide their availability for weekly workshops via When2Meet

  • Month of July: 6 Virtual Workshops (approximately 1.5 hours each)


  • August 6th & 7th: ReImagine17's "Reimagining the Future" Conference


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Workshop #1: ReLearn

  • Relearn and reevaluate preconceived notions of the SDGs, sustainability, and development ​

  • Define anti-oppression, EDIA and intersectionality, and learn how to center them in your advocacy work

Workshop #2: ReDefine

  • Critically reflect on the SDG framework, and discuss strengths and weaknesses

  • Use research findings to redefine the roots of the problems the SDGs aim to solve

Workshop #3: ReImagine

  • Learn the theory and practice of radical imagination and its connection to activism, advocacy, and sustainability justice

  • Consult lesser known frameworks of development beyond the SDGs

  • Reimagine current frameworks of sustainability and advocacy and systems of oppression

Workshop #4: ReDesign

  • Redesign approaches to achieving the SDGs 

  • Transform current systems, structures and solutions to achieve the SDGs

  • Brainstorm innovative solutions to challenging problems regarding sustainability, justice, and development

  • Brainstorm a project idea to implement in your post-secondary community

Workshop #5: Reach Out

  • Learn to share knowledge in an inclusive and accessible way


  • Create a logistical plan for outreach and engagement

  • Join RE17’s Community of Practice to maintain long-term engagement, seek support, and receive feedback about project ideas

  • Reach out to a network of youth across Canada in postsecondary institutions to join the cause and take tangible action

Workshop #6: Revise

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  • Prepare a fun and engaging presentation to pitch your project at the ReImagine17 conference to a panel of judges, other youth and the broader community

  • Practice your pitch with other Mobilizers

  • Revise your project pitch based on peer-reviews and feedback from the Community of Practice in preparation to ReState your pitch at the ReImagine17 Conference

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The Finale: ReState
Pitch your project at the ReImagine17 Conference

Theme: “Reimagining the SDGs: Critical Reflections”

To conclude the program, Mobilizers will be tasked with showcasing their learnings from the workshops by pitching a project of their own at ReImagine17's "Reimagining The Future" conference on August 6th and 7th 2022. Mobilizers will create a fun and engaging presentation to help them pitch their ideas to an audience of judges, youth, and community stakeholders who will help turn their ideas into action! 


The project pitch will aim to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in innovative and critical ways, using the skills the participants have developed throughout the course of the program to guide their work. Mobilizers will work to identify existing gaps in advocacy work in their respective communities and present a project idea to address these gaps, inspiring other youth to take action and reimagine the landscape of sustainability and justice in their own communities. 


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Prospective Applicants Must Meet The Following Criteria:

  • Incoming or current full or part-time undergraduate and graduate student(s) at a Canadian post-secondary institution

  • Passionate about advocacy, sustainability, justice, and community activism/grassroots movements

  • Drive to learn about anti-colonialism, diverse approaches to sustainability, and anti-oppression


  • Interest in connecting with a community of practice across Canada to develop projects, share best practices, and coordinate towards shared goals

  • Drive to build tangible skills around leadership, project management, collaboration, stakeholder engagement, communication and public speaking

  • Aptitude for creativity, leadership, critical thinking, and management

  • An open-mind and willingness to learn!    


  • Knowledge on how to use digital platforms and tools such as Google Meets, Zoom, and Slack             

Sound like you? 

Applicant Criteria

Interested in advocacy, sustainability, justice and youth organizing? 

Apply for the ReMobilizing Youth Program!

Participants of the Remobilizing Youth Program, known as “Mobilizers”, will represent diverse youth from across Canada in post-secondary institutions dedicated to promoting initiatives around sustainable development and community advocacy. Mobilizers will explore the intersections of anti-colonialism, anti-racism, anti-oppression, and their role in the non-profit or advocacy sector through critical dialogue and workshops facilitated by ReImagine17. Mobilizers will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to expand their community organizing base to create grassroots initiatives within their post-secondary campus, turning imagination into action!

Have any questions?

Email to learn more about the ReMobilizing Youth Program!

Stay tuned for the next round of applications! Applications for the Summer 2022 cohort are now closed.

Past Mobilizer Cohorts

Summer 2022 Mobilizers

See their projects > 

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