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RE17 SDG Alliance Toolkit:

Mobilizing Youth for the Sustainable Development Goals


What is the RE17 SDG Alliance Toolkit?

Mobilizing Youth for the Sustainable Development Goals is an interactive toolkit created by youth, for youth, as a means of sharing student knowledge and amplifying national youth action on the SDGs. It is intended to be a guide and reference for post-secondary students looking to grow or start a Sustainable Development Goals Alliance (or similar initiative) on their campus.


The insights and cases studies included within this toolkit were sourced from the experiences of student SDG leaders at the University of British Columbia, the University of Calgary, Université Laval, and the University of Waterloo—in line with RE17’s mission to empower and centre youth in national efforts to advance the SDGs. 

This toolkit was made possible through the support of SDSN Canada and funding from the Colleges and Institutes Canada ImpAct program. 

What is an SDG Alliance (SDGA)? 

An SDGA is any student-led group at a post-secondary institution that seeks to increase youth engagement with the SDGs and implementation of the SDGs. The concept of an SDGA can also be used to refer to an SDG Hub, a student club focused on the SDGs, or other student-led SDG projects. 



  • Recognize the value of centering youth voices in the pursuit of just and sustainable futures

  • View post-secondary campuses as potential sites for youth action, innovation, and collaboration towards sustainability

  • Bring diverse people and aspects of sustainability together through collaboration and partnership


Who is this toolkit for? 

  • Post-secondary students interested in starting or expanding an SDGA on their campus

  • Students and youth who are interested in the SDGs and looking for ways to spark change in their communities 

  • Campus staff, faculty, and community organizations interested in supporting youth engagement with the SDGs 


What’s inside? 

This toolkit is organized into seven chapters and two appendices that our team has identified as

central to the process of creating and running an SDG Alliance. We encourage you to view each chapter as just one component of a circular, evolving process, as you may find yourself reviewing chapters out of order, or re-visiting past chapters as needed.

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