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Our Mission, Vision, Approach & Offerings

Our Mission 

ReImagine17 is a national community of youth working to reimagine approaches to social, environmental, and economic challenges through anti-oppressive, intersectional and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our goal is to encourage youth to critically reflect on sustainable development and frameworks within the field, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We aim to bridge the gaps between knowledge and action to mobilize youth for social change by holding a space for knowledge-sharing, program development, and advocacy.

Our Vision 

ReImagine17 wants to see youth critically think about our current systems of sustainable development surrounding social, environmental and economic challenges, reimagine what the future could look like, and then take action to realize that future. We want to see a community of youth meaningfully engage in grassroots initiatives, allowing them to hold space to share their perspectives where decisions are made in order to build an equitable and sustainable future.

Our Approach 

  • In being a process focused organization, wherein we prioritize the “why” and “how” of an issue, we provide resources to connect, critique, and act, rather than engaging in a solutions driven approach. 

  • Operating from an intersectional framework we aim to address social, environmental and economic challenges that are pertinent in our communities. We recognize that our work is ongoing and ever-changing.

  • We encourage change through different models, ideas, theories, and resources that youth would need and want in their communities to balance critical reflection, embodiment, accessible knowledge, and taking action. 

Our Offerings

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We create and connect youth to resources such as reports, toolkits and handbooks for youth to learn and think critically about environmental, economic and social development. As we continue to learn and grow, we aim to share our learnings with other youth and organizations to foster collective learning and educated action.

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We facilitate the ReMobilizing Youth Program, a workshop series to help youth across Canada who are critical and creative thinkers evaluate and critique oppressive frameworks of development, imagine alternatives, and then take action by collaboratively designing innovative projects for their communities.

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We host an annual conference where youth are invited to learn from, engage and collaborate with leaders of advocacy, activism and social justice. Youth have the chance to engage with stakeholders in the nonprofit sector and other community leaders to learn, develop, and challenge sustainable development as we know it.

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