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RE17 Conference Panelist

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a thematic, interdisciplinary study of Climate Change in Media. She works as the Critically-Engaged Voices Project Lead at the UBC Climate Hub, where she develops educational resources and event-based programming which aims to center Indigenous and critically-engaged climate justice advocates at COP27 (e.g., the COP27: Critically-Engaged Voices series recorded by Indigenous youth communicator Isaka Huni Kui, the Beyond Doomism and Solutionism in Response to Climate Change panel, etc.). She also serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief for the UBC Journal for Climate Justice, which aims to amplify interdisciplinary climate justice work and research and the intersections of art, activism, and academics. Lastly, she has contributed to The Starfish Canada’s Community Spotlight Series by highlighting the work of climate activists and community leaders through feature articles. 

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