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RE17 Conference Panelist

Bo Aganaba

Bo is the Founder and Principal at Good Being Co. He is an urban, environmental, energy planner by training, and former executive Director of a youth-lead sustainability not for profit organization. The son of Nigerian immigrants, he has spent time living in the UK, Canada, Hungary and Denmark – which has all contributed to giving him a deep sense of appreciation and belonging to the world as a whole. Through his experience working with sustainability advocates and professionals, Bo has seen and felt the risks of burnout, anxiety, fear, and eco-grief facing so many. As a long–time mindfulness and meditation practitioner his passion is to help people hold the reality of the scale of the challenges we face through mindful awareness, while also using cooperation, creativity, storytelling, and dialogue to help teams navigate challenging topics and goals. He created Good Being to help empower individuals and organizations to turn the disruptive nature of the move moment into an opportunity for new, regenerative ways of being. In addition to his professional work Bo enjoys playing music, reading and writing, and finding as many opportunities to be playful in life as possible.

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