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Meet Our Team

Admin Pod
Anjali Mishra.JPG

Anjali (she/her) is the proud daughter of Indian immigrants, born on Treaty 7 territory. Driven by the power of intercultural collaboration, she is a co-founder of ReImagine17 and currently lives at Kinbrace, doing life in community with refugee claimants. Her days are punctuated by cups of tea, shared meals, and jumps on the trampoline with Kinbrace's youngest residents.

Anjali Mishra

 Co-Founder & Executive Supervisor

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Jordan (he/him) recently graduated from Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo and has a passion for  sustainable development. He is the Strategic Partnerships Director at ReImagine17 and is a co-founder of Impact Alliance at his University.

Jordan Lin

Co-Founder & Strategic Partnerships Director

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Kate (she/they) was born and raised in the SF Bay. They are a Political Science and Honours Geography double major entering their fifth year at UBC, where they have become heavily involved in the sustainability community. They are inspired to continue working by the meaningful spaces they facilitate with diverse, interdisciplinary groups of youth.

Kate Theriault

Finance & Resource Director


Emma (she/her) is a graduate from the University of Guelph with a major in Business Management and a minor in International Development. Emma has been a member of the ReImagine17 team since December of 2021. In her spare time, Emma enjoys hiking, camping, and knitting.

Emma Leckie

Co-Executive Officer - Internal Relations

Ganiyat Sadiq.JPG

Ganiyat (she/her) is a research and policy professional who’s been recognized as Alberta’s Top 30 Under 30. With an academic background in Honours Political Science and International Relations, Ganiyat brings an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens to her work informed by her lived experiences and involvement with grassroots movements and the political sphere.

Ganiyat Sadiq

Co-Executive Officer - External Relations

Gurleen Aujla.jpg

Gurleen (she/her) is an undergraduate student pursuing a joint major in Business, Philosophy and the Law at Simon Fraser University. She co-leads SFU350, an environmental advocacy club at SFU. Gurleen spends her spare time with her little sister, exploring the city, or with her nose in a book.

Gurleen Aujla

Administrative Coordinator

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Masooma (she/her) is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Calgary. Joining RE17 has provided her with a space to drive real change, share student knowledge and amplify national youth action on the SDGs. She has also joined UofC SDGA to work on projects that promote the SDG goals. She is passionate about diversity, STEM outreach, and mental health.

Masooma Tahir

Finance & Resource Coordinator

Advocacy and Research Pod
Vicky Kim Picture.jpg

Vicky (she/her) is a 5th year student studying Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Sustainable Food Systems at UBC. She is grateful for the opportunities to integrate her love for research, advocacy, and knowledge translation through her work at ReImagine17, and she is passionate about amplifying and mobilizing youth voices and actions towards social justice.

Vicky Kim

 Co-Founder & Advocacy and Research Director

Sarah Law.jpg

Sarah (she/her) wrote her thesis “Resistance and Resilience in the Era of Ecological Grief” in completion of her honours degree in Sociology. Her research looks at the social and political transformative capacities of emotions and experiencing ecological grief. Sarah is passionate about power-literacy, climate justice, knowledge mobilization, systems change, and radical joy.

Sarah Law

Advocacy and Research Officer

Communications Pod
Amanda Hendrie.jpeg

Amanda (she/her) is a recent BA Public Policy Studies graduate from Mount Saint Vincent University. She is passionate about helping people find solutions to problems and is looking forward to continuing to find creative and innovative ways for ReImagine17 to approach their communications and programming to contribute to a just, inclusive, sustainable and accessible society.

Amanda Hendrie

 Communications Officer


Emma (she/her) is a second year student pursuing a bachelor of Knowledge Integration with a specialization in Collaborative Design at the University of Waterloo. She is passionate about design thinking, sustainability, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Emma loves to be creative and in her spare time you can find her crafting, baking and starting innovative projects in her community.

Emma LeCouffe

 Communications Coordinator

Remobilization Pod
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Adibba (she/her) is a student-researcher, change-maker, and one of the co-founders of ReImagine17 currently living in Mohkinstsis. Her passion for the SDGs and RE17 is rooted in creating a space for youth voices and youth-led action, centred around building a community of practice.

Adibba Adel

 Co-Founder and Programming Director

Jacqueline Neufeld - Bio Photo.jpg

Jacqueline (she/her) is in her fifth year of a BA in International Relations at the University of British Columbia. She enjoys working on projects that highlight the intersectional nature of environmental problems, and she believes deeply in the power of young people to ignite the change needed to create an equitable, accessible and sustainable world.

Jacqueline Neufeld

 Programming Officer

Lavinia Auhoma.png

Lavinia (she/her) is a third year student at McGill University pursuing an Honours BA in International Development Studies with a minor in Philosophy. Born and raised in Toronto, she is a dedicated advocate representing Plan International Canada as a Youth Ambassador. She also presented a speech at TEDxYouth@Toronto’s summer meet about youth activism.

Lavinia Auhoma

Programming Coordinator

Annotation 2021-12-11 233315_edited.jpg

Michelle (she/they) is in her third year of Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo, and was ReImagine17's Programming Coordinator this past academic year. She's passionate about climate justice, political engagement, and mentorship.

Michelle Angkasa

 Programming Advisor

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