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RE17 Conference Speaker

Amna Adnan

Amna Adnan is currently working as a cybersecurity analyst at SolusGuard, studying Math and Physics at the University of Calgary, VP of Technology for the UofC Information Security Club, and a 23’ Zenith Fellow. She is deeply interested in mathematical logic, algebra, information security (especially for satellite systems), machine learning, systems-thinking, food security in Calgary, and learning languages. Amna is currently executive director and cofounder of Meal Helper Heroes, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness about food security resources in Calgary and helping individuals access those resources. Meal Helper Heroes was actually born out of participation in the 2022 RE17 ReMobilizing Youth Program and received its seed funding from the 2022 ReImagining the Future Conference. Ultimately, Amna hopes to make this world a better place for everyone.

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